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MPEX are an innovative manufacturer of quality paints, fillers, lubricants and additives with professional specifications and features tailored for a retail market. Read more

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MPEX Glass Fibre Filler

Product code: MPEXFGF1K
MPEX Glass Fibre Filler is a 2 pack glass fibre reinforced filler for car body repairs. It is recommended for filling of large dents and holes in automotive vehicles, caravans and trailers, it is easy to apply and sand.
  • £13.00

MPEX Scratch Repair D.I.Y. kit

Product code: MPEXSRK
The MPEX Scratch Repair D.I.Y. Kit provides everything you will need to obtain a quality repair in just 5 easy to follow steps by following the guide manual, which is included in the package.

MPEX Fine Filler - Stopper

Product code: MPEXFF250G
MPEX Fine Filler is a 2 pack finishing filler for car body repairs, matt white in colour. It is easy to mix and apply and has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, also has excellent stopper properties.
  • £6.00

MPEX Light Filler

Product code: MPEXLF1K
MPEX Light Filler is a 2 pack lightweight body filler for car body repair with low density this product is easy to mix and apply in addition to having exceptional sanding qualities. It has excellent adhesion properties and can be applied over various subs
  • £13.99

MPEX Fibre Glass Repair Kit

Product code: MPEXFRK250G
MPEX Fibre Glass Repair Kit is a polyester resin with suitable liquid activator for manual laminating in connection with glass matt it is used for repairs of large holes and corroded body parts. It may be used in the repairs of car bodies, caravans, motor
  • £9.00

MPEX Soft Filler - Easy Sand

Product code: MPEXSF250G
MPEX Soft Filler is ideal for car body repairs. Easy to mix and apply and has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates inc bare steel and aluminium after flatting and degreasing. Zinc coated, galvanised steel after flatting and degreasing.
  • £6.00

MPEX Universal All Purpose Body Filler

Product code: MPEXUF1K
MPEX Universal Filler is a 2 pack filler for car body repairs, easy to mix and apply with very good adhesion to metal. MPEX Universal Filler can be applied over bare steel and aluminium, zinc coated, galvanised steel after flatting and degreasing.
  • £13.00

MPEX 650B Underbody Chassis Coating

Product code: MPEX650B
MPEX 650B is a black durable, thixotropic, fast drying anti-corrosion coating based on polymerised bitumen. The product provides excellent sound deadening, anti-corrosion and stone chip protection properties.
  • £10.00

MPEX 200A Amber cavity wax

Product code: MPEX200A
Transparent white anti-corrosion coating liquid. It’s commonly used to protect cavity areas in cars, trucks, coaches and other objects or places where a rust preventative surface is required.
  • £8.99

MPEX 120C Universal metal protector

Product code: MPEX120C
Universal Protector is a solvent based anti corrosive agent with excellent protection properties for the preservation of steel surfaces for storage both outdoor and indoor.
  • £7.99

MPEX 100C Metal corrosion protector

Product code: MPEX100С
MPEX® 100C is a thin penetrating moisture repellent. The wax based anti-rust agent is ideal when a firm wax-like film is required. After drying the film is touchable and transparent. MPEX® 100C protects surfaces from UV-radiation, aggressive chemicals and
  • £7.99

MPEX® 780 Strong Paint Dissolver

Product code: MPEX780
Solvent based paint remover that can remove wet & semi-dry paint from metal surfaces. The product is very efficient in removing cellulose paint.
  • £5.99

MPEX® 700 Degreaser & Cleaner

Product code: MPEX700
Ultra strong solvent free 100% VOC FREE water based universal degreaser and cleaner. MPEX® 700 is specifically designed to remove dirt it can be used on any surface including metal, glass, plastic, varnish and will not damage rubber, chrome, silicon seala
  • £7.00

MPEX Clear Lacquer High Precision Touch Up Pen

Product code: MPEXLPEN20ML
MPEX Lacquer Touch Up Pen is designed to be used along side the MPEX custom mixed colour touch up pen.

Using high quality trade lacquer is the ideal top protective coat for fine scratches and close detailed work before.
  • £7.99

MPEX Clear Lacquer Touch Up Bottle

Product code: MPEXLPOT
Rating: 5.0 of 5
The MPEX clear lacquer touch up pot provides a clear high gloss protective coating resistant to petrol & oil.
  • £8.99

MPEX Grey Primer Touch Up Pot

Product code: MPEXPPOT
The MPEX grey primer touch up pots are 100ml and come with a brush - ideal for finishing off small jobs including scratches, scuffs and stone chips
  • £8.99

All of the MPEX ranges of products incorporate industry leading features and advancements previously only available in professional OEM products used by vehicle manufacturers and dealerships.

The MPEX colour match paints are mixed to order, available in over 77,000 colours and come as either a aerosol, touch up pot with brush or high precision touch up pen. 

The range of MPEX lubricants and additives provide motorists with low cost solutions to expensive problems; lack of performance, low fuel economy, smells and soot?  there’s a treatment for that.

The MPEX body filler range contains a comprehensive range fillers including fibre glass, plastic, fine and soft as well as scratch and repair kits.