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MPEX are an innovative manufacturer of quality paints, fillers, lubricants and additives with professional specifications and features tailored for a retail market. Read more

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MPEX DPF Regeneration Aid-Cleaner

Product code: MPEXDR
MPEX DPF Regenerate ensures complete and rapid diesel particulate filter regeneration. Reduces ignition temperature of trapped soot ensuring extraordinary combustion at temperatures typically encountered during normal engine operation. Prevents performanc
  • £8.99

MPEX Diesel Injector Cleaner

Product code: MPEXDIC
MPEX Diesel Injector Cleaner removes carbon deposits from injectors and prevents needles from seizing. Reduces corrosion and wear. Improves combustion with effective cleaning agents and a strong cetane improver. Decreases operational cost by lowering fuel
  • £7.00

MPEX Octane Booster

Product code: MPEXOB
MPEX Octane Booster petrol additive increases the octane number by 2-4 points. Cleans the fuel intake system. Improves and restores performance. Prevents exhaust valve seat recession. Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation. Improves combustion and
  • £7.00

MPEX Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Product code: MPEXCCC
MPEX Catalytic Converter Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system, injectors, valves and pistons. Addresses and minimalises deposit build-up and malfunctioning of the catalytic converter. Prevents expensive repairs to the catalytic converter. Improves combus
  • £7.99

MPEX Petrol Lead Replacement

Product code: MPEXLR
MPEX Petrol Lead Replacement protects valves and valve seats against wear and recession almost instantly and reduces loss of compression of engines which require leaded fuel. The elimination of valves sticking reduces maintenance costs and increases engin
  • £7.99

MPEX Friction Fighter

Product code: MPEXFF
MPEX Friction Fighter significantly reduces friction and wear. Prevents and delays oil-ageing. Reduces fuel and oil consumption. Restores engine power. Provides long term protection of your engine. Improves load carrying capacity of the lube film. Reduces
  • £7.99

MPEX Engine Flush

Product code: MPEXEF
MPEX Engine Flush internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents. Eliminates gums, varnish and sludge. Easily removes contaminants like carbon deposits, soot and liquids (water and fuel rests) from the engine. Reduces fuel
  • £6.00

MPEX Oil Stop Smoke

Product code: MPEXOSS
Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines. MPEX Oil Stop Smoke stops or decreases excessive smoke emission. Reduces oil consumption. Extends engine life. Improves compression. Improves oil stability and maintains viscosity.
  • £7.00

MPEX Multi Lube Spray

Product code: MPEXML
Cleans parts from dirt, grime & grease. Rapidly loosens locked, rusted or corroded parts with its effective penetrating power. Effectively cleans parts from dirt, grime and grease. Lubricates treated parts. Removes humidity from locks, ignitions and treat
  • £7.99

MPEX Petrol Injector Cleaner

Product code: MPEXPIC
MPEX Petrol Injector Cleaner cleans and keeps injectors, carburetors and the entire petrol supply system in optimal condition. Eliminates valve sticking. Prevents deposits of gums, varnish and sludge. Reduces petrol consumption and protects against corros
  • £7.00

MPEX Radiator Sealer & Conditioner

Product code: MPEXRSC
MPEX Radiator Sealer & Conditioner permanently and reliably seals and prevents within seconds hair cracks and leakages up to 0.9 mm in the radiator, the heater radiator, the water pump, the cylinder head gasket and the engine block. Eliminates the need fo
  • £7.00

MPEX Radiator Cleaner

Product code: MPEXRC
MPEX Radiator Cleaner effectively cleans the entire cooling system and removes sludge, rust, scale and other deposits. Improves the heat transfer from engine to cooling system and prevents overheating. Prevents build up of acids and contaminants. Does not
  • £6.00

MPEX Diesel Detox Pro Premium

Product code: MPEXDDP
MPEX Diesel Detox Pro is a multipurpose product that addresses all common deposit related problems. Regains performance loss caused by a dirty and inefficient fuel system. Reduces fuel consumption related to a dirty fuel system or badly functioning DPF. P
  • £10.00

MPEX Petrol Treatment

Product code: MPEXPT
Reduces petrol consumption. Cleans valves, dirty carburetors, and clogged injectors. Prevents fuel system corrosion. Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation. Improves combustion. Reduces petrol consumption. Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gase
  • £7.00

MPEX Diesel Stop Smoke

Product code: MPEXDSS
MPEX Diesel Stop Smoke reduces smoke and emission of hazardous exhaust gases from diesel engines. Optimises fuel combustion. Cleans the fuel system and protects it from corrosion. MPEX® Diesel Stop Smoke For all diesel engines (incl. common rail)
  • £7.00

MPEX Plastic Filler

Product code: MPEXPF250G
MPEX Plastic Filler is a 2 pack flexible filler for car body repairs. It is especially dedicated to repair plastic panels and bumpers. MPEX plastic filler has exceptional flexible qualities exhibiting maximum adhesion to plastics of all types.
  • £5.99

All of the MPEX ranges of products incorporate industry leading features and advancements previously only available in professional OEM products used by vehicle manufacturers and dealerships.

The MPEX colour match paints are mixed to order, available in over 77,000 colours and come as either a aerosol, touch up pot with brush or high precision touch up pen. 

The range of MPEX lubricants and additives provide motorists with low cost solutions to expensive problems; lack of performance, low fuel economy, smells and soot?  there’s a treatment for that.

The MPEX body filler range contains a comprehensive range fillers including fibre glass, plastic, fine and soft as well as scratch and repair kits.