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Millers Oils: Improve YOUR Vehicle's Performance Today

MotorNuts is a proud supplier of vehicle oils and fluids manufactured by Millers Oils, a brand with well over a century of heritage. Founded in 1887 and still a local employer to this day, Millers was the  first producer of long drain interval oil for trucks and also produced the first diesel specific engine oil for cars.

One of the bestselling products in the range is CVL Turbo, designed to enhance vehicle performance by adding up to 40 octane points to base fuel. The deterioration of pump fuel is leading to more and more engine builders using CVL Turbo from Millers Oils, brought to you by MotorNuts.

CVL Turbo has been shown to provide similar flame front control as, which enables engines to run more advanced ignition timing, without any danger of detonation or pre-ignition. It can be successfully mixed with all types of fuel including leaded, unleaded, LRP; it can also be used with other fuels containing octane enhancing additives, including MTBE, ethanol and oxygenates but for maximum effect should be used in conjunction with premium, higher octane unleaded fuel.

Effective in engines fitted with catalytic convertors and knock sensors, Millers Oils CVL Turbo is sold by MotorNuts in economical 500ml packs at a highly competitive price. CVL Turbo is just one of the many Millers Oils products available from our website and we invite you to browse the whole collection. Look forward to better vehicle performance when you buy Millers Oils from MotorNuts!

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