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Maypole are the UKs leading towing and touring company and MotorNuts stock a large range of their quality products for the leisure market.

From towing and trailers to cycling, leisure and security for all the Maypole products help you make the most of your Motoring.

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Maypole 3 Bike High Rear Mounted Bike Carrier

Product code: BC2085
3 Bike High Rear Mounted Bike Carrier With Easy-Fit Cradles & Straps. Fits most saloons,­hatchbacks, vans, estates and coupes

Maypole 10"-16" Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp

Product code: mp909
10"-16" heavy duty wheel clamp
  • £55.99

Maypole 10-30v LED Reversing Light & Rubber Base

Product code: mp9646
10-30v LED reversing light & rubber base
  • £21.98

Maypole 10mm² Csa X 3m Length Booster Cable

Product code: mp351
Maypole 10mm² Csa X 3m - booster cables are a great way to get it back up and running without having to transport a heavy starter pack around with you
  • £15.98

Maypole 12 N type 7pin Aluminium Socket

Product code: mp25
12 N type 7pin aluminium socket
  • £4.00

Maypole 12 N Type 7pin Plastic Socket

Product code: mp23
12 N type 7pin plastic socket
  • £2.99

Maypole 12/24v LED Number Plate Lamp

Product code: mp8227
12/24v LED number plate lamp
  • £8.99

Maypole 12A 12V/24V Battery Charger

Product code: mp716
For all low maintenance and maintenance free 12V/24V lead acid batteries of 30-180Ah capacity
  • £60.00

Maypole 12N Type 7 Pin Plastic Plug

Product code: mp21
12N type 7 pin plastic plug
  • £2.75

Maypole 12s 7 Pin Plastic Flying Socket

Product code: MP132
12S 7 pin plastic flying socket
  • £3.74

Maypole 12S Type 7pin Plastic Socket

Product code: mp31
12S type 7pin plastic socket
  • £2.99

Maypole 12v 13 Pin Flying Socket

Product code: mp125
12v 13 pin flying socket
  • £9.98

Maypole 12v 13 Pin Plastic Socket With Fog Cut Off Lamp

Product code: mp1295
12v 13 pin plastic socket with fog cut off lamp
  • £7.94

Maypole 12V 13 Pin Twin Cable Conversion Plug

Product code: mp124
12v 13 pin twin cable conversion plug
  • £4.99

Maypole 12v 13pin Plastic Plug

Product code: mp128
12v 13pin plastic plug
  • £5.99

Maypole 12V 13pin Plastic Socket

Product code: mp1293b
12v 13pin plastic socket
  • £4.99