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Marine Engine Oils

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Granville Two Stroke Marine Oil

Product code: 1041
Provides extended engine life through superior protection,Non toxic to marine life, Reduces spark plug fouling
  • £8.75

LUCAS OIL Marine ATF - 946ml

Product code: 10651A
An easy flowing fluid with superior heat transfer capabilities
  • £12.16

LUCAS OIL Marine Gear Oil M8 - 946ml

Product code: 10652A
Has higher lubricity for faster acceleration and more RPM's
  • £19.51

LUCAS OIL 25W40 SAE Stern Drive Inboard Marine Oil FC-W - 4.54 Litre

Product code: 40814A
Designed to improve wear protection
  • £48.06

LUCAS OIL Marine SAE 20W50 946ml

Product code: 10653
Proven performance in marine applications
  • £13.94

LUCAS OIL Marine Semi-Synthetic SAE 20W50 946ml

Product code: 10654
Effective Water Resistance
  • £13.67

LUCAS OIL 10W30 Fully Synthetic Outboard Engine Oil - 946ml

Product code: 40661A
Protects against rust and moisture during long periods of storage with effective water resistance
  • £14.96