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Lubricants & Fluids

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There are so many elements to car maintenance, but to keep everything literally running smoothly like a well oiled machine start with yourlubricants and fluids. Read more

Your engine oil should be checked at least once a month, topped up when necessary and then changed at your annual service. As there are so many different viscosities and grades we’ve made it simple for you, just enter your reg above and let us find the oil you need.

Now we’ve got the engine running let’s put on the brakes and the secret to success here is the brake fluid and there are three main specs; dot 3, dot 4 and dot 5, to make sure you get the right one simply enter your reg.

As well as preventing water from freezing up, antifreeze is vital because it raises the boiling point of engine coolants to prevent overheating.

Next up your power steering and hydraulic fluids – these need to be kept topped up as they condition the system by lubricating seals and they also prevents leaks.

Gearbox and diff oils are specifically formulated for transmissions and to keep your gears running smoothly, no matter how hard you try to crunch them!