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Let There be Light. Lots Of It!

When it comes to light bulbs, both in our homes and even more so in our cars, many of us don’t bother thinking about a replacement until it’s too late and the old one has given up the ghost! With the dark nights upon us, now is an ideal time to make sure you are prepared and, when you see all the benefits, features and qualities that Ring Xenon H7 bulbs have to offer, you might just decide to replace your old headlights right away before they even have chance to wink out on you!

Ring Xenon 130% H7 Headlight BulbsCheck out what Ring Xenon H7 bulbs can do for YOU…

  • Visibility is key to driving safely and headlights are your primary source after the sun starts to dip. With H7 bulbs guiding the way, you get up to 130% more on-road light than previously, giving you a whole new perspective that is much safer and causes less strain on your eyes on long trips

  • The H7 is described as the ‘brightest, whitest headlamp’ available and mimics daylight almost exactly

  • Because of technology used to wind the filament extremely tightly, it was possible to reduce its length and these two physical changes combine to produce the pure, steady source of light

  • Inside the bulb, 100% xenon gas helps to provide better, cleaner reflections from road markings and signs

Changing your headlamp bulbs is easy and you can do it in for simple steps:

  1. Locate the headlight holder. This is usually done by lifting the bonnet and going through the engine compartment, instead of accessing from the front of the vehicle.

  2. Remove the power wires. They will be held on with a clip, catch or screw cap: clips need pulling up and away, catches need their lever pressing down and screw caps simply need untwisting.

  3. Remove the old bulb. Be sure to dispose of it responsibly.

  4. Insert the new, improved H7 bulb. Handle the bulb using a glove or tissue, to avoid transferring any dirt or oil from your hands onto the surface and reducing its functionality

Check out Ring Xenon H7 bulbs and call us if you need any further assistance.

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