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Injector Tools

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LASER Bosch Injector Dismantling - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 4761A
Rating: 5.0 of 5
Suitable for removing the internal part of Bosch Injectors
  • £26.10

LASER Diesel Injection Line Socket Wrench Set - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 4920B
Diesel injector socket wrench set in 1/2in. drive for dismantling injector lines on most diesel engines
  • £91.09

LASER Diesel Injection Priming Tool

Product code: 3463
For introducing fuel into the fuel pump after replacement of the fuel filter.
  • £31.12

LASER Diesel Injection Pump Puller

Product code: 4369A
This tool is specifically designed for holding the sprocket/chain in place when disassembling the VP44 injection pump and high pressure pump common rail fitted to BMW engines
  • £63.91

LASER Diesel Injector - 27mm - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 1117A
M24 threaded
  • £19.93

LASER Diesel Injector Adaptor - Delphi

Product code: 6122
  • £30.20

LASER Diesel Injector Adaptor - Siemens

Product code: 6118A
  • £43.90

LASER Diesel Injector Copper Washer Remove/­Installer

Product code: 4702B
Remove and install the copper washers on Diesel injectors quickly and effectively with this special tool
  • £71.46

LASER Diesel Injector Puller

Product code: 4044A
Diesel Injector Puller with M8/M12/M14 adaptors Assists removal of stubborn Bosch and Lucas diesel injectors
  • £82.39

LASER Diesel Injector Puller Set

Product code: 4762C
This 3 piece Diesel Injector Puller Set comes complete with an extractor key for removing the inner part of the injector
  • £127.19

LASER Diesel Injector Removal Set - 4 Piece - Delphi/Bosch

Product code: 4760A
Specifically designed for removing Delphi/Bosch diesel injectors
  • £91.67

LASER Diesel Injector Seal Puller

Product code: 5450A
A specialised tool, used to assist the extraction of the copper washers used to seal diesel injectors where they enter the cylinder head
  • £70.76

LASER Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set

Product code: 4597
Set of 4 cutters for re-cutting injector seats when reconditioning diesel engines or replacing the injectors 15mm Flat cutter for universal applications
  • £120.04

LASER Diesel Injector Socket - 21mm

Product code: 3934
Diesel injector socket for Ford Dura-torq engines OEM 303-677
  • £28.28

LASER Diesel Injector Socket - 22mm - Long

Product code: 3616A
A collection of the most popular locking tools for camshafts, crankshafts and flywheel pulleys
  • £26.58

LASER Diesel Injector Socket - 28mm

Product code: 2921
For use on Bedford HGV
  • £16.90