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Haynes Manuals

Motoring enthusiasts... browse our extensive selection of Haynes manuals - the leading name in vehicle repair, maintenance and restoration guides. Read more

Haynes manuals are an absolute classic workshop must have – covering everything for service and repair; from simple roadside fixes, through maintenance and MOT test checks to full restorations.

Haynes manuals are specific to hundreds of car makes, models and years; simply select the right one and you’re away.

Each manual follows the same straight forward format; starting out with basic usability, safety and roadside repairs.

Then the manuals cover weekly maintenance checks including what to look for under the bonnet, checking engine oil and coolant levels, batteries and electrical systems and lubricants and fluids to name a few.

For the keener mechanic the manuals then take you through more major repairs and overhauls including engine systems, transmissions, brakes and suspension and body equipment.

The straight forward step by step guides for each process means that either a novice or an experienced car fettler can follow the steps and get the job done.