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GUNSON Brake Fluid Tester

Product code: 77002
A simple and effective tester shows the condition of the brake fluid with a coloured response
  • £28.93

GUNSON Vacuum Pump

Product code: 77003
Checks vacuum operated systems on car and light commercials
  • £79.81

GUNSON Timing Light With Advance Feature

Product code: 77008
Timing advance up to 60 crankshaft degrees
  • £92.66

GUNSON Multi Tester Leads

Product code: 77011
High quality replacement multi-meter test lead kit for most multi-meters
  • £12.34

GUNSON Multimeter Accessory Set

Product code: 77019
Includes 2 probes, 2 small crocodile clips and 2 large crocodile clips
  • £39.78

GUNSON Eezibleed Pro Brake Bleeder Set - 2 litre

Product code: 77021
Pneumatic brake bleeder
  • £156.44

GUNSON Auto Probe - 6V-24V

Product code: 77023
Tests for voltage, continuity, short circuits and bad earths
  • £55.91

GUNSON Automotive Digital Multimeter

Product code: 77038
Pen style digital multimeter with digital LCD display

GUNSON Rechargeable Inspection Lamp - 36 LED

Product code: 77040
This compact rechargeable LED lamp features magnetic back fixing, swivel hook, soft grip and 36 super bright LED
  • £41.66

GUNSON 180 Piece Heat Shrink Tubing

Product code: 77041
These handy sheaths form a protective water resistant insulation over exposed wiring and electrical connections.
  • £18.54

GUNSON Multi-Purpose Cap For Eezibleed

Product code: 77042
This multi purpose cap enables the standard Eezibleed to be used on a wider range of vehicles by providing a clamp-like grip on the brake fluid reservoir.
  • £27.29

GUNSON Compression ­Tester Kit - Petrol Engines - 6 Piece

Product code: 77043
This compression tester kit comes complete with a large, easy to read 2 1/2in. dial face with accurate Bourdon tube meter movement.
  • £65.63

GUNSON Trakrite Camber Gauge

Product code: 77066
Magnetic gauge attaches to the hub or disc brake
  • £47.56

GUNSON Paint Depth Gauge

Product code: 77067
This innovative gauge tests the amount of body filler or sub-standard repair on any motor vehicle. It is an ideal tool for checking the state of the car before it is bought.
  • £15.59

GUNSON Wiring Connectors - Kit - 338 Piece

Product code: 77070
Plastic compartment box keeps tools tidy
  • £28.75

GUNSON Spark Plug Extension Leads With Spark Tester

Product code: 77074
This tool with HT spark tester is designed for use on modern engines where there is no space or limited access to the plug leads. This tool can also be used with an Oscilloscope. Full instructions supplied
  • £35.84