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Granville’s new generation fully synthetic oils – product profile

Gold oilGranville has recently launched a new generation, fully synthetic multi-grade engine oil formulated to meet the performance demands of low emission engines.   

This new oil combines high performance, fuel efficiency and emission control and MotorNuts are proud to bring them to market.

We have a long established relationship with Granville Oils who blend all their own oils on site at their Yorkshire site, producing up to 100,000 litres every day.

Granville are more than just oils though, they also distribute leading car brands Gunk and Turtle Wax to name a few.

This latest range of fully synthetic engine oils in their eye catching gold bottle were developed in response to the EU emissions legislation announced in 2011 and are formulated to work with the subsequently introduced exhaust treatment devices – more commonly known as DPF filters.

The comprehensive range will suit 95% of vehicles and they are specially designed to protect exhaust emission treatment devices where using the wrong engine oil could cause contamination or damage which would result in costly repairs.

These low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) engine oils are ultra modern and designed to meet the needs of the latest vehicles.

The Granville range has Low SAPS oils for most marks and models including most commonly; BMW LL-04, VW 505.00, PSA-B712290, VW 507.00 and GM LL-A-025 to name a few.

Specifications cover viscosities from 0w/30 through 5w/20, 5w/30 and 5w/40.

As ever it is important make sure you use the correct oil for your vehicle. This can be found in your handbook or alternatively enter your reg in our vehicle look up to find what is recommended.

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