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Get your motorbike ready this Spring with MotorNuts’ top maintenance tips

Spring is in the air which means it’s the start of Motorbike weather – woo hoo!


After a long and wet winter it’s time to dust off your leathers and get your bike out but first the MotorNuts team want to run through a few key maintenance checks to carry out before you take to the roads this year.

  1. Chain
    Regular chain maintenance is vital; let it run too dry and not only do you lose performance but it will wear out 3-4 times quicker. As a guide the chain should be lubricated every 300 – 500 miles and especially after standing for a few months. We’d recommend these Silkolene maintenance and cleaning greases and lubricants
  2. Oil
    We are nuts about Fuchs’s Silkolene range of motorcycle oils and lubricants. Motorcycle or scooter and whether you’re riding for pleasure, long distance touring or racing there is the perfect product for every biker and every bike. Shop here for our range of 2 stroke and 4 stroke oils.
  3. Fuel
    Fuel deteriorates, especially when left standing so if you’ve left some in over winter then do not drain and despair - we would recommend adding one of Silkolenes specialist additives which will help remove deposits and ensure optimum performance and will also protect against any chilly starts.
  4. Tyres
    Under-inflated tyres will have an adverse affect on handling and braking whilst equally over-inflation can reduce the size of contact to the road, affecting grip. Air should be checked regularly, if riding regularly once every few weeks and always check your manual for the recommended pressure.
  5. Cleaning
    People often worry about cleaning their pride and joy motorcycle. We recommend regular cleaning and power washing is fine ideally followed by a dry down - and never put it away wet. For an optimum shine, we recommend a quality wax and for stubborn marks specialist tar removers are ideal.
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