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10w-60 Engine Oil

MotorNuts stock top quality 10w-60 engine oil which is specially formulated for high performance vehicles and Motorsport.

To check which specification engine oil is required for your vehicle we recommend you use our registration look up, or check your hand book or ask one of our expert team for advice.

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Liqui Moly - SYNTHOIL RACE TECH GT1 10W-60 - Engine Oil

Product code: 8908
Specially developed for motor sports. Suitable all year for gasoline and diesel engines under sporty use. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers.
  • £13.19

Millers CFS 10W60 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Product code: 7965JMP
Especially suited to vehicles that are subject to severe high stress conditions and highly beneficial to high revving engines.
  • £16.00

This fully synthetic 10w-60 is perfect for use in high performance competition and modified engines both normally aspirated and turbo charged.

Both Granville Motorsport and Fuchs Titan range are the Nuts when it comes to performance oils!

Having the right 10w-60 engine oil in your car is like taking your daily vitamins and your 5 a day – it keeps your vehicle running the best it can. Good quality engine oils lubricate, clean and help manage heating and cooling.

Ever wondered what the ‘w’ and numbers means? The number before the w refers to how the oil performs at cold temperatures and the number after the W is viscosity at high temperatures. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and more easily it flows.