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Fenwicks Bike

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FENWICKS BIKE Bike Cleaner Trigger Spray - 1 Litre

Product code: 2018B
Ergonomically designed, ready to use trigger spray bike cleaner
  • £7.97

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Cleaner Concentrate - 95ml

Product code: 2032B
Complex mixture of surfactants and sequestrants
  • £3.44

FENWICKS BIKE Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol - 200ml

Product code: 2322A
Utilises a variety of solvents for an enhanced deep clean
  • £4.99

FENWICKS BIKE Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: 2414
Utilises a variety of solvents for an enhanced deep clean
  • £7.84

FENWICKS BIKE Multi-Purpose Lubricant Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: 2438
Highly penetrating lubricant which instantly repels water and leaves a protective coating
  • £7.84

FENWICKS BIKE Copper Anti-Seize Grease - 80ml Tube

Product code: 2544A
Protects metals from corrosion and aids in sealing and assembly
  • £5.66

FENWICKS BIKE Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid - 80ml Tube

Product code: 2629
Manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications, not only in the bike industry, but also in the automotive industry
  • £6.07

FENWICKS BIKE Professional Carbon Assembly Paste - 80ml Tube

Product code: 2650A
Increases the grip of carbon-to-carbon or carbon-to-metal parts, helping prevent slippage in use
  • £7.32

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Chain Cleaning Sponge

Product code: 2711A
Revolutionary design makes cleaning chains quick, easy and mess free
  • £2.56

FENWICKS BIKE Professional Protective Coating - 100ml

Product code: 2797A
Designed to complement Fenwick’s cleaning products with the ability to act as an invisible surface sealant, without changing the outward appearance of a bike
  • £9.00

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Gear Cleaning Brush - 25cm

Product code: 2902A
Unique brush designed to complement Fenwick's drivetrain cleaning products
  • £6.07

FENWICKS BIKE Flow Through Bike Cleaning Brush - 40cm

Product code: 2919A
Cone-shaped design for a quick and efficient cleaning, reaching multiple surfaces at a time
  • £12.42

FENWICKS BIKE Essential Bike Cleaning and Lube Kit

Product code: 5514B
Kit contents: Bike Cleaner 1 litre, Concentrated Bike Cleaner 95ml, Chain Lube 100ml
  • £18.10