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European Motoring

We are Nuts about continental driving and MotorNuts stocks loads of accessories and essentials to keep you safe and to avoid hefty fines.

If you are planning a driving trip to the European continent make sure that you have all the information on driving in the country that you are planning to visit, and of course the countries that you may pass through to get to your destination.

The key to driving in Europe is to make sure that you are aware of the rules of the road before you set off. And even if you drive the continental roads on a regular basis it’s good to keep checking, they do change and often. The minimum that you must take with you is a European travel kit. MotorNuts stock several travel kits plus accessories to match the requirements on most European rules. 

Don’t forget the other essentials that many countries require such as First Aid kits, Yellow safety jackets and warning triangles, all of which are available under or travel kits section.

Other essentials are GB plates which you must display if your number plate does not display the country and Breathalysers which you must have with you for travel in France.

The next issue for you attend to is your vehicle lighting, you must install Beam deflectors and have the correct replacement bulb kits you can find the correct bulb travel kit in bulbs and beam deflectors,

Just like you and your family our MotorNuts team loves driving on the continent. We always like to check with the AA or RAC before setting off to get the lowdown on any new driving rules for the countries we are visiting, then load up with the required safety kits, kids, and family travel paraphernalia. And off we go.

Enjoy your travels in Europe and stay safe. See you up the road as they say