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Engine Parts

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MotorNuts are Nuts about engine parts - we have everything you need to keep your engine not only ticking over but purring! Read more

There is a lot that goes into maintaining a modern engine and without the proper care engine problems can be costly especially if left to escalate to more major engine overhauls and replacements.

Any strange sounds or smells or anything that feels different when driving needs investigating, either by yourself or by an expert mechanic.

Typical problems and diagnostics for engine parts:

  • Your cars Timing belt should be changed at the specified mileage or time period stated by your manufacturer – if timing belts fail or snap it can cause major internal engine damage. You can buy complete timing belt kits which include the tensioners, idlers and dampers you need.
  • The belt tensioners, idlers and dampers can also lose tension or fail over time which would subsequently result in the drive belt or timing belt failing.
  • If your drive belt or fan belt snaps you will lose power steering as well as charge from alternator and it can even affect the air conditioning. These should be inspected at each service and changed if worn or damaged.
  • If you have any fluid leaks the first place to check is your gaskets and seals.
  • If you experience a loss of power or reduced performance it could be that the exhaust gas and recirculation or EGR valve is clogged. This can be prevented or cleaned with a specific EGR cleaner or if that doesn’t work the parts would need replacing

Other essential engine parts that we stock include engine head bolts, engine mounts, engine oil sumpsand crankshaft pulley -simply enter your reg above and let us find the right part for your car.