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Electrical & Ignition

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Electrical or Ignition problems with your car will usually mean it won’t start, but don’t go Nuts we’ve got the parts and the solutions you need. Read more

The alternator is what generates electricity when the car is running and recharges your battery and so if it is not working properly your battery light will normally come on and your battery will soon run flat resulting in a break down or coming to find it won’t start.

Car won’t start?

If your car won’t start and the engine is not turning over then it’s almost certainly the starter motor or a problem with the car battery.

If your diesel car is turning over but not starting or if its starting but taking longer than usual to do so that sounds like the glow plugs which can be easily changed.

If your engine is running but is misfiring then the first thing to check is the spark plugs which should be changed at each service interval but can also go faulty in between services, alternatively it could be the ignition coils or the ignition HT leads which can also go faulty from wear over time.