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Don't Risk Shock: Disklok!

Don’t take chances with your vehicle; we forbid it. Order your Disklok TODAY.

Disklok steering wheel lock image silverWhen it comes to keeping the big stuff like your home, car and wallet safe, you want to take advantage of every protection system available. As well as deterring potential thieves from even bothering with an attempt to steal your stuff, good security measures prevent the more determined criminals and, in the worst case scenario, at least you can truthfully tell your insurance company that you did all you could to protect your valuables.

While we here at MotorNuts clearly accept the importance of the home and the necessity of the wallet, these things are but minor concerns compared to what REALLY matters: our beloved motor vehicles! Yes, my home is my castle and money is my freedom but my car is BOTH of those things at the same time; try sleeping in your wallet or driving to work in your house if you don’t believe me!

Dosklok yellow tiltedAll this joking around does have its serious side, namely the fact that around 370,000 cars a year are stolen in the UK (over 1,000 per DAY!) and this 2015 figure, unbelievably, represented an all-time LOW for that particular unpleasant statistic. We don’t know how many of these vehicles were not adequately protected, but we are guessing from the intelligence level of the average car thief that it can’t have been very many. Once you allow for the master criminals who have managed to get around every protection device, we reckon that about 369,999 of those cars didn’t have proper safety features!

This is where the widely-recognised, widely-trusted and widely-despised (by the car thieves!) Disklok comes in. If you have a car then you need a Disklok and we really can’t say it any more simply than that. Check out these few brief details and see if we don't convince you. Your car is still on the drive right now. Isn’t it?

  • Three sizes are available so whether you are driving a Mini or a motorhome, there is a size to suit your vehicle. To find out which size you need, just measure the diameter according to our handy diagram and select the appropriate Disklok

  • For the aesthetically-conscious, there is a choice of two colours. Silver gives that classic subtle look while the Yellow model leaves nobody in any doubt as to its presence!

  • For the following cars, you should select the wide fitment small size Disklok (you always knew you were special): Range Rover Evoque,  Ford Mondeo Titanium X, Land Rover Freelander 2 Fiat 500x plus

  • This is the UK’s toughest steering wheel lock and features a spin function if attacked. Do not accept imitations

Make sure you're not in for a shock! Get your Disklok... if you need any additional advice or information contact our expert team.

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