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Dismantiling & Penetrating

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Q5 Graphite Based Penetrating Oil

Product code: Q5
Q5 breaks down existing grease and grime, leaving behind a film of graphite.
  • £4.45

WD40 WD40 Specialist Penetrant - 400ml

Product code: 44362
Quickly penetrates rusted and corroded parts
  • £12.86

PLUS GAS Dismantling Lubricant Spray - 200ml

Product code: 07660704893
Lubricant to aid screw and bolt assembly
  • £6.72

GT85 PTFE Penetrating Aerosol - 400ml

Product code: GT85400
A professional strength, PTFE, penetrating spray for all mechanical and engineering uses
  • £6.80

LOCTITE Freeze & Release Penetrating Oil - 400ml

Product code: 760225
Freezes seized and rusted bolts, nuts and studs down to -39°C
  • £16.90

POWER MAXED Power Maxed Penetrating Oil 500ml

Product code: PO500SC10
Penetrates Seized Components
  • £8.08

COMMA Release Oil - 500ml

Product code: RO500
Penetrates and releases rusted nuts, bolts and mechanical parts - fast
  • £10.28