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Dieselgate – the saga continues

Dieselgate – the saga continues 

Back in 2015 we all heard the headlines about how VW famously fiddled emissions on their diesel models – following which utter confusion reigned as everyone worked out if their cars were affected, what it all really meant, and how much anyone really cared.

When it comes to emissions on cars it seems to be a race to the bottom between manufacturers as to who can clock up the lowest reading – but in reality how much do those readings really mean?

The general mumblings within the industry suggest that these emissions figures aren’t worth the stickers they’re stamped on – and that the variances in figures recorded in different testing conditions are all over the place

Out of 130 diesel models tested by a group of mechanics and engineers, only 15 actually met their emissions figures and performance in "real world" driving. (sky news)

Some cars that met the standards actually managed to emit 20 times more NOx when driven on the road.

Then there is the fact that the regulations are being set out in Europe but because they are only enforced at country level there is no consistency.

NOx levels in co2 in high doses especially in built up areas or cities are of real danger and concern to human health and as such the government are set to outline plans for their measures on air pollution at which diesel cars and emissions will be at the heart.

There is already talk of potential diesel cars scrappage scheme and specific taxes – both of which will be met with outrage by Britain’s drivers as for the last 15 years sales of diesel cars have been on the up with over 40% of new cars bought being diesels.

If you want to take emissions into your own hands then we have an excellent range of products which can help treat your diesel engine and improve performance as well as lower harmful emissions.


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