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Cooling & Heating

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Cooling and Heating problems....­don’­t go Nuts as MotorNuts have got all the parts you need. Read more

Whether you are keeping your engine cool or heating it up just enter your registration number above and we can find the exact parts for your vehicle.

If you find your having to top up your antifreeze and coolants regularly this could indicate a radiator leak.

The first solution we would recommend is to try a coolant sealant such as K Seal which will find and block small issues.

Too hot?

If your engine is overheating it is usually down to faulty thermostats or water pumps, we all dread the worst case scenario when steam pours from under the bonnet so try and spot it early.

Not cool enough?

If your air conditioning isn’t as cool as it should be the first solution is to have it re-gassed, and if that doesn’t solve it then there is probably a problem with the air conditioning condensers as they are what cools the gas.

If your cars blowers or de misters are not working then that will be a problem with your heat resistors – this need sorting as they’re so important for visibility especially when driving in rainy conditions.

We also have the basic essentials, the one we’ve all lost at some point – a radiator cap.