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Colour Matched Paints: Find YOUR Unique Code

Getting exactly the right shade of exterior vehicle paint is essential to ensure invisible repairs. MotorNuts have teamed up with highly-renowned paint manufacturer MPEX to bring you colour-matched paints in over 77,000 different shades, encompassing RAL, Pantone and BS options.

Every vehicle has a paint colour code or paint name, which allows us to exactly match the required colour. For most vehicles, simply entering your registration number on our website should be enough for us to locate this code but some vehicle makes and models you may have to find it manually: here we tell you how to do just that.

Firstly, you need to find the information sticker/plate on your vehicle: most cars produced since the 1980s have a sticker/plate to identify information about the vehicle. The sticker/plate will list things like the make of car, the date and country of manufacture and that all-important colour code.Common locations for the sticker/plate are inside of the drivers or passenger door, or under the bonnet . The VAG group vehicles VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda can be found in the boot under the carpet on a white sticker. Once you have located this sticker/plate, look for the colour code. Many stickers will use the words 'paint' or 'colour' but on some models will be abbreviated to C. If your vehicle has trim of a different colour, this will be represented by the abbreviation Tr and will have a different code from that of the main bodywork. The number of letters and/or numbers in the specific colour codes will vary between manufacturers.

Colour-matched paints are available as an aerosol, touch up pot or high-precision touch up pen. Find out more details on the product page and look forward to a smooth, professional paint finish for YOUR vehicle with MotorNuts!!

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