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Cold weather – have you checked your antifreeze?

There is lots of car maintenance to keep on top of especially in winter and something which is often forgotten is antifreeze.

Antifreeze is so important because it stops the water (vital in cooling your engine and radiator) from freezing.

Antifreeze or coolant is usually mixed 50/50 with water and this mixture at this ratio has a lower freezing point, it also allows heat to transfer from the engine to the inside of the vehicle, only water or only antifreeze (glycol) is no good.

Antifreeze also raises the boiling point of the engine coolant to stop engines overheating, plus it protects from corrosion and build-up of sediment, it is advisable to drain and change every so often.

A frozen cooling system is a common cause of vehicle breakdown and it can be an expensive break to fix and it’s simple and cheap to avoid.

Top tips for checking, changing or topping up your antifreeze;

-          Never open cap for antifreeze holder when the engine is hot

-          Use an antifreeze tester which easily shows the levels

-          Only add new coolant when engine is cold

-          Whichever colour your antifreeze is it should always be clear, any sediment or clouding and the system needs draining or flushing and replacing rather than just topping up.

-          Sludge or oil on the top of the antifreeze can signal a broken head gasket so if anything seems untoward ask an expert at a garage.


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