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CLEENOL Biological Washing Liquid - 5 Litre

Product code: CRZZ2X5
Sapphire premium laundry detergent
  • £29.66

CLEENOL Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - 5 Litre Tub

Product code: DXCH5
High quality red beaded hand gel
  • £21.84

CLEENOL Smooth Hand Wipes - Tub Of 100

Product code: DXCHSW100
Poly cotton wipes
  • £14.68

CLEENOL Universal Barrier & Reconditioning Cream - 500ml Pump

Product code: DXCHUPC500
Highly effective barrier cream with skin moisturiser
  • £7.07

CLEENOL Multipurpose Cleaner - X2 Concentrate System - 325ml

Product code: EV10/X2
Concentrated citrus fragranced multi-purpose cleaner with excellent grease and oil removing properties
  • £36.80

CLEENOL Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser - X2 Concentrate System - 325ml

Product code: EV3/X2
Highly effective cleaner and sanitising product for all hard surfaces including work surfaces, microwaves, fridges, freezers, chopping boards and tiles
  • £36.80

CLEENOL Evolution Antibac Potwash Detergent - 1.5 Litre

Product code: EV4
For the manual washing of pots, pans, crockery and utensils where an antibacterial action is required
  • £20.69

CLEENOL Heavy-Duty Degreaser - 20 Litre

Product code: SMHDD20
Alkaline aqueous degreaser
  • £102.22