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Caravan Maintenance and Cleaning

Whether you are getting your caravan ready for the summer touring season; doing the repairs over winter or a big spring clean, MotorNuts have the items you will need in stock and delivered to your door. We stock replacement interior fittings and accessories for your caravan or motorhome, with a range of catches, hinges, hooks, electrical switches and electrical accessories. We also have a large range of caravan specific Sealants and Adhesives for those winter repairs and on-going maintenance. 

We all hate to see our caravan and motorhome with the ubiquitous black streaks and green algae stains. And are'nt they a pain to remove? At MotorNuts we stock only the big branded products that give us great confidence that they will work and are easy on the elbow grease. Brands like ARMORALL, Muc-Off and Fenwick’s Caravan Cleaning Products are all proven products.

What is more, keeping your home from home looking good and well maintained will help to retain its value when and if you choose to change your caravan. We have picked up a few tips for cleaning and a discussion in the office produced the following ideas that we at MotorNuts use.

  • Before you start cleaning the outside of your caravan give it a good swill over with water from a hosepipe. Don’t use a pressure washer as these can damage seals and lift sealant from key joints. Use the hose to wash away as much of the dust and grit which has collected on the surface and to dampen the algae which inevitably will have collected on the surface.
  • Use a good quality caravan cleaning product like Fenwick’s caravan cleaner this is a concentrate so mix with water, alternatively you can use spray on products. Muc-Off Caravan Cleaner is an excellent product for this. Whichever you use we advise that you cover a smaller area at a time, do not let the product dry and swill off with cold water.
  • When you have completed the whole bodywork, by the way remember to open windows and skylights to clean the hard to reach areas. Use a silicon wiper and fibre cloth to dry the surface off.
  • The surface might look dull at this stage (the result of sunlight and weathering on the painted surface). To bring back the shine use a surface polish and lightly apply to small areas, when it dries to a powder polish off with a soft polishing cloth.
  • Having brought back the shine you now need to protect it with a good wax, (please note that polish does not contain wax, it removes wax and surface contaminants, so the wax has to be replaced). Fenwick’s Bobby Dazzler Shield is great for sealing the surface. It is a good idea to leave the wax for 15 to 20 minutes before buffing to a deep shine.
  • Then it is the turn of the windows. To avoid damaging the soft acrylic window surface always wash them down first. The tiniest speck of dust will cause a scratch. Use a specialist spray caravan window cleaner and use a soft cloth turning the cleaning surface regularly.
  • Try to do a full works clean at least once a year, yes it takes up time but the results are well worth it.
  • It will leave your caravan protected from all of the usual problems like fly squash, tar, algae and leaf mould and it will be easier to clean next time.
  • Prolonging the exterior like this will help to secure the value in your caravan.