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Caravan Hitch Locks

MotorNuts stock the full range of Bulldog high securty insurance approvedd caravan hitch locks backed by a 5 year guarantee.

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Bulldog WW100 Winterhoff Hitch Lock

Product code: WW100
Bulldog WW100 Suitable for Winterhoff WS3000D (with latch) and WS3000H (with latch) hitch heads.
  • RRP £119.99
  • £115.49

Bulldog WW100B Winterhoff Hitch Lock

Product code: WW100B
Rating: 5.0 of 5
Sold Secure Silver Approval. ­Insurance Approved.The WW100 Hitchlock meets Police approved standards.­Secured by Design is the only form of Police approval for products in the UK.Towergate Bakers offer £25 off Caravan Insurance against new applications and
  • RRP £129.99
  • £121.00

Bulldog DKS Alko Hitch Lock

Product code: DKS
Bulldog DKS Suitable for Alko 3004 stabiliser hitch heads including the latest 2012 version. It also fits the Alko 1300 and 2004 models.
  • RRP £129.99
  • £124.98

Bulldog DM Alko/ Albe Mini Hitch Lock

Product code: DM
Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a bulldog lock post.
  • RRP £129.99
  • £124.00

Bulldog AJ10 Alko Caravan Hitch Lock

Product code: AJ10
Simple to fit, just two parts and a security ball that fit in seconds
  • RRP £109.99
  • £98.99

Bulldog GA95 Alko Hitchllock

Product code: GA95
Budget caravan hitch lock suitbale for Alko 2004/3004 hitch heads.
  • £49.99

Bulldog DMAKS Alko Hitch Locks

Product code: DMAKS
Bulldog DMAKS Suitable for Alko 2000, 2500 and 2700 stabiliser hitch heads.
Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a bulldog lock post.
  • RRP £139.99
  • £130.00

Bulldog AB suitable for AL-KO AK301 & AK351 Couplings

Product code: AB
Bulldog AB suitable for AL-KO AK301 and AK351 Couplings, Heavy duty and totally encloses hitch head and fixings when fitted.
  • RRP £159.99
  • £149.99

Caravan Hitch Locks hitch locks are small but mighty. Designed to be easy to fit but hard to break they can be quickly installed and removed to be stowed in the front.

Depending what type of hitch your caravan has will indicate which hitch lock you require; Alko or Winterhoff or ones for use with a stabiliser.

The hitch locks are all made to the Sold Secure standard, with high security, anti pick hidden locks and robust steel structure they are a visible deterrent as well.

If you need any advice on which hitch lock is right for you please just contact one of the MotorNuts team.