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Camshaft Locking Tools

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LASER Camshaft & Crankshaft Locking Tool Kit

Product code: 3112B
For use on Twin Cam engines where both camshafts have to be locked in place whilst servicing the camshaft and replacement of cam-belt.
  • £87.65

LASER Camshaft Adjustment Tool VAG

Product code: 5723
Camshaft Control Valve Removal Tools for use on TFSI and TSI petrol engines Used to remove the Camshaft control valves prior to chain removal
  • £36.59

LASER Camshaft Drive Chain Wear Indicator - BMW/Mini

Product code: 7034D
Applications: Mini Clubman, Club Van, Countryman, Coupe, Paceman and Roadster with 1.4 and 1.6lt engines
  • £96.17

LASER Camshaft Drive Tensioner Wrench - Vag

Product code: 6199
For adjusting the Camshaft drive belt tensioner as described by the manufacturer
  • £19.36

LASER Camshaft Holding Tool

Product code: 2869
A multi application wrench with variable adjustment.
  • £27.41

LASER Camshaft Holding Tool - Fiat Ford Vauxhall

Product code: 6408A
Use on 1.3 JTD diesel engine found in the Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Ford and Alfa Romeo ranges
  • £52.86

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool

Product code: 0558
Camshaft Locking Tool is fitted through the two camshaft sprockets and located in the cylinder head to set the correct timing before the timing belt and /or exhaust camshaft belt is removed
  • £31.75

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - Alfa Romeo

Product code: 3628A
Camshaft Locking Tools for Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 145/146 18 & 20 plus 155/156 Spider/GTV 20 16v
  • £51.65

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - Fiat

Product code: 3635B
Camshaft Locking Tools for Lancia Kappa 20, 24 & 20v
  • £52.38

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - GM

Product code: 3052
This camshaft locking tool is specifically designed for use on Vauxhall, Opel 14, 16 16 Ecotec engines
  • £29.88

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - GM

Product code: 3053A
This camshaft locking tool is specifically designed for use on Vauxhall/Opel 2.0 & 2.2 16V Ecotec engines.
  • £24.78

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - Renault

Product code: 5165D
For use on 1.8/2.0 engines fitted to Renault Laguna 11/Megane II/Scenic
  • £137.46

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - Rover K16

Product code: 2626
Camshaft locking tool for Rover K series engines
  • £9.77

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - VAG

Product code: 6170
Applications: VAG models with 3 cylinder engines 4v 1.0litre
  • £41.60

LASER Camshaft Locking Tool - VW

Product code: 3327A
This revised Camshaft Setting Bracket for VWs now gives even better alignment with 2 ground shoulder screws included in the set
  • £39.94

LASER Camshaft Pulley Remove/Install - Subaru

Product code: 4756A
This Tool Is Designed To Prevent The Camshaft Pulley From Rotating When Releasing The Fixing Bolt A Torque Of 30Nm Is Recommended And Using An Angle Gauge A Further 45°
  • £80.65