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CALIBER Speakers - 2-Way Coaxial with Grills - 4in.

Product code: CALCDS10G
Power: 80W Max. / 40W RMS
  • £40.31

CALIBER Speakers - 2-Way Coaxial with Grills - 5.25in.

Product code: CALCDS13G
Pair of 13cm / 5.25in. speakers
  • £38.00

CALIBER Speakers - 3-Way Coaxial with Grills - 6x9in.

Product code: CALCDS69G
Pair of 15x23cm / 6x9in. speakers
  • £71.08

CALIBER Handsfree Bluetooth Jack Plug - Calling & Wireless Streaming

Product code: CALHFB301
Universal fitment for any car with 3.5mm aux-in
  • £54.43

CALIBER Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit - Visor Mounted

Product code: CALHFB302
Designed to fit conveniently and discretely to your vehicle's sun visor
  • £30.12

CALIBER Portable Bluetooth Tube Speaker

Product code: CALHPG407BT
Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • £53.28

CALIBER FM Transmitter - USB SD Fit

Product code: CALPMT302
Transmits MP3 files wirelessly to stereos with unrivalled ease and superb clarity
  • £26.59

CALIBER FM Transmitter - USB SD RDS Fit

Product code: CALPMT402
Transmits the MP3 signal to your car radio
  • £43.42

CALIBER Bluetooth Handsfree FM Transmitter - Calling & Music Streaming

Product code: CALPMT557BT
Functions as a handsfree kit or music streaming device (88.1-107.9MHz frequency transmission)
  • £54.43

CALIBER FM Transmitter - DAB+ & Bluetooth Call Streaming

Product code: CALPMT801DAB-BT
Add digital radio and hands-free calling to your car audio system quickly and easily using only one device
  • £102.30