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Bulldog Security

MotorNuts are proud to be an authorised dealer of Bulldog security products — security posts, wheel clamps & hitch locks.

Manufactured in rural Shropshire, Bulldog, a family business has been a leading name in security products for over 30 years.

checkout out our blog on the Bulldog range of products for more information.

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Bulldog TR20 Personal Pro-active GPS Tracker

Product code: TR20
The Bulldog TR20 Personal Tracker is a versatile tracking device suitable for anything from People, Pets, Vehicle , Assets & fleet.
  • £181.99

Bulldog GA80 Fold Down Security Post

Product code: GA80
Ideal for securing parking spaces, driveways and forecourts,Easy surface mounted installation.
  • £64.99

Bulldog SA5 Removable Security Post

Product code: SA5
Serious protection for driveways and forecourts, simply lock the post into the ground to create a formidable barrier.Please note some Insurance Companies will offer a discount when a security post is fitted.
  • £154.99

Bulldog BW550 Steering Wheel Lock

Product code: BW550
Suitable for use on most cars including those that have bulbous airbags.
  • Was £74.99
  • Now £71.24
Save £3.75
Valid until 31/12/2018

Bulldog BW600 Van Steering Wheel Lock

Product code: BW600
Designed for use on Motorhomes, vans & HGV's & VW Camper Vans the BW600 has Department of Transport Approval.
  • RRP £84.99
  • Was £79.99
  • Now £75.99
Save £4
Valid until 31/12/2018

Bulldog EM4x4SS Euroclamp Wheel Clamp For Cars,Vans,4x4 - Tyre Widths up to 280mm

Product code: EM4X4SS
Adjustable Easy to fit wheel clamp for 4x4s and vans, will fit all tyre widths up to a maximum of 280mm.
  • £104.99

Bulldog EM500SS Euroclamp Wheel Clamp For Cars, Caravans & Trailers up to 220mm

Product code: EM500SS
Bulldog EM500SS suitable for Cars, Caravans, Trailers and Motorcycles.
Fits in seconds without the use of a key. Adjustable easy to fit Wheelclamp for cars, caravans, trailers and motorcycles. Will fit all tyre widths up to a maximum of 220mm.
  • £94.99

Bulldog CC100 Auto Clamp Wheel Clamp For Caravans & Cars

Product code: CC100
Adjustable Wheel Clamp for Cars and Caravans, will fit tyre widths of 155mm to 215mm and tyre diameters of 480mm to 640mm. Complete with standard wheel nut protection disc.
  • £119.99

Bulldog DC400 Autoclamp Wheel Clamp For Motorhomes & Vans

Product code: DC400
Adjustable Wheel clamps for motorhomes and vans, will fit tyre width of 190mm to 255mm and tyre diameters of 580mm to 740mm.
  • RRP £159.99
  • £145.00

Bulldog CA2000 Centaur Wheel Clamp (Adjustable Width & Diameter)

Product code: CA2000
Heavy duty, adjustable wheel clamp to fit tyre diameter 545mm - 640mm & tyre width 140mm - 220mm (including wheel trim). For cars, caravans and trailers.
  • £220.00

Bulldog CA2000C Centaur Wheel Clamp

Product code: CA2000C
Heavy duty, adjustable wheel clamp to fit tyre diameter 640mm - 760mm & tyre width 175mm - 260mm (including wheel trim). For trailers, vans and motorhomes.
  • £239.99

Bulldog 230/F Titan Wheel Clamp Suitable

Product code: 230/F
Heavy duty wheel clamp to fit 195, 205 R14, 15 (with inset wheel, flat trim or alloy wheels). For cars, caravans and trailers.
  • £169.99

Bulldog AJ10 Alko Caravan Hitch Lock

Product code: AJ10
Simple to fit, just two parts and a security ball that fit in seconds
  • £89.99

Bulldog DM Alko/ Albe Mini Hitch Lock

Product code: DM
Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a bulldog lock post.
  • £104.99

Bulldog DKS Alko Hitch Lock

Product code: DKS
Bulldog DKS Suitable for Alko 3004 stabiliser hitch heads including the latest 2012 version. It also fits the Alko 1300 and 2004 models.
  • £109.99

Bulldog WW100B Winterhoff Hitch Lock

Product code: WW100B
Rating: 5.0 of 5
Sold Secure Silver Approval. ­Insurance Approved.The WW100 Hitchlock meets Police approved standards.­Secured by Design is the only form of Police approval for products in the UK.Towergate Bakers offer £25 off Caravan Insurance against new applications and
  • £107.99