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Bulldog launch new trackers

At MotorNuts we specialise in vehicle security, including wheel clamps, steering locks, hitch locks and security posts.

One of our trusted partners Bulldog have taken their 30 years experience in security manufacturing and design to a new level and launched a new range of trackers.

Their easy to use trackers provide real time tracking to monitor the precise location of your vehicles, assets and even family!

All trackers are super easy to use, just plug in switch on and away you go – and if you do encounter any queries you can access Bulldogs free UK based support services.

The full range of trackers all come pre-installed with GPS and SIM card and work easily with afreesmart phone app. Your vehicle can be tracked across UK and Europe as they use all mobile networks.

Which Tracker?

For caravans and motor homes – the TR25

With caravans costing as much as £25,000 and motor homes up to £100,000 installing one of the TR25s is a no brainer, cost effective and easy to use they offer that extra level peace of mind.

Be alerted if your caravan or motor home is moved - the TR25 not only lets you track your caravan or motor home but will pro-actively alert you if it moves from where you left it. 

For trailers – TR35

Trailer theft is big business; make sure you’ve got all options covered with the TR35 tracker - no installation required. With 4 years battery life, this tracker simply attaches to your trailer with a super strong magnet.

Use a PC, smart phone app or even text or phone your tracker if required to get its exact location.

For cars - TR68

The TR68 is easily plugged straight into your vehicles OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket to provide power.

As well as security and tracking the TR68 can tell you much more – especially handing if using with fleets; driving style, speed, rest breaks, remote driver identification and vehicle immobilisation and alarms for movement outside a pre-defined boundary.

Personal tracker – TR20

The TR20 boasts the most features of all the trackers. As well as the usual alerts it has in built phone with SOS function and listen in feature, perfect for lone workers or the elderly it offers full "Man Down" functionality alerting pre-programmed numbers in the event of a fall or movement outside pre defined geo-fences.


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