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Britain's best selling new cars

Most of you probably know that March is a busy month for new car sales but would you know what the biggest selling new cars in the UK are?

Another did you know...this March has been a record breaker, one of the busiest months for new car sales in a very long time.

Probably down to the reclassifying of car tax rates which kicked in April 1st, whether it that or something in the water it has meant that many manufacturers clocked up record sales months.

So what are Britain’s biggest selling new cars? And is it what you thought?

·        Ford’s firm favourites

The biggest seller in March, and a regular for the top spot is the Ford Fiesta selling 25,428. It is joined in the top sellers by bigger brother the Focus in a close second as well as a newcomer to the top ten, the cool uncle shall we say - the Kuga. Could it be the new ST line model or the facelift that is making this an increasingly popular SUV?

·        Very Vauxhall

In third and fifth is Vauxhall – with the Corsa coming in just after the Focus selling 16,045 and then the bigger sibling the Astra sold 11,680...not unsurprising they are a value for money choice and it appears we brits know what we like.

·        The super SUV

The 4th biggest seller is the Nissan Qashqai who before the Kuga was the only SUV in the top sellers list. Since its launch 10 years ago the Qashqai has become like a loyal dog to SUV lovers and converts alike. Its combination of exceptional practicality and great running costs teamed with both style and substance mean it’s safe to say it’s here to stay...the MotorNuts verdict – it’s a Mums must have!

·        6th and 7th

Volkswagen came in 6th and 7th with the ever awesome Golf then the little brother Polo. The Golf is regularly Europe’s bestselling car and has been over a number of years; both it and the Polo offer excellent spec and quality but are just a bit more expensive than their Ford counterparts.

·        A very British non British favourite

In 9th is the Mini – granted far from its original British origins it is still very much an adopted favourite selling 10,003 just in March.

·        Mega Mercedes

In tenth is the C class - surprisingly it outsold their more popular and affordable A class and also outsold its competition including the likes of the Passast and Mondeo. Mercedes even recorded their biggest sales month in Europe ever so it must be making a resurgence at the luxury end.

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