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Breakdown & Emergency Products: The MotorNuts Collection

Nobody likes to think about having their vehicle breakdown but it's an essential consideration to make as it happens to the best of vehicles! The old adage about hoping for the best but preparing for the worst definitely applies and, here at MotorNuts, we stock a comprehensive collection of products designed to get you back on the road in no time. Here is a small selection...

POLCO Trolley JackDRAPER Fuel Syphon PumpMAYPOLE Battery Charger

POLCO Trolley Jack

Suitable for most vehicles from a standard car to a light van or 4X4, the POLCO Trolley Jack is a versatile, reliable product. The jack is manufactured from heavy gauge steel to ensure total robustness and is mounted on rugged cast iron wheels for easy maneuvering. Lifting any vehicle is guaranteed to be a smooth, easy operation, thanks to an intelligent hydraulic system, rotational saddle and cushioned grip lifting handle. Both CE and TUV approved, the POLCO Trolley Jack is super-safe to use and features an automatic safety overload valve for added protection.

DRAPER Fuel Syphon Pump

Every driver knows about the nifty trick of jump-starting, but what if it's not electrical power you need? The Draper Fuel Syphon Pump is suitable for simply and safely transferring diesel, petrol, water and inert liquids from vehicle to vehicle and is easily operated by hand. A one-way valve teams with barbed connectors on each end of the syphon bulb and two long, flexible pipes are included with the kit.

MAYPOLE Battery Charger

It is when there no other vehicle immediately available from which to get a jump start that the MAYPOLE Battery Charger comes into its own. The handy charger has an output of 24A and a battery capacity of 10Ah-250AH, making it ideal for most vehicles, including start/stop vehicles. Automatic multi stage charging is fast and reliable and the charger is supplied in its own tough, compact case with integral handle.

These items can be found in the 'Breakdown & Emergency' section of the MotorNuts website, which also includes space saver wheels, warning triangles, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, hi-vis clothing, jump leads and much more. Discover you options today and look forward to a safer tomorrow!

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