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Turtle Wax

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Turtle Wax Original Car Wax

Product code: fg7633
The Turtle Wax Original Car Wax Liquid gently lifts away ingrained dirt, grime and light oxidation to leave your car with a brilliant deep gloss shine amd a finish that lasts for months.
  • £7.25

Turtle Wax Original Hard Shell Shine

Product code: fg7607
Turtle Wax Original Hard Shell Shine Car Wax removes ingrained grime, dirt and light oxidation, and protects against weathering and pollution. It's smooth to apply and effortless to wipe off, and is safe for use on all paint finishes, including metallic a
  • £7.75

Turtle Wax Renew Polish

Product code: fg7634
The Turtle Wax Renew Polish 500ml is a one step silicone-free restorative polish that restores colour and shine to all types of paintwork.
  • £7.75

Turtle Wax Soft Top Cleaner And Conditioner

Product code: fg7610
The Turtle Wax Soft Top & Cabrio System includes a roof cleaner and conditioner to cut through the toughest road grime, remove stubborn stains and make soft tops look like new!
  • £17.99

Turtle Wax Tyre And Bumper Gel

Product code: fg7637
Turtle Wax Protect & Shine Tyre & Bumper Gel cleans and provides long-lasting protection to tyres, black rubber bumpers and hard vinyl trim.
  • £9.95

Turtle Wax Wet And Black Tyre Dressing

Product code: fg7640
The Turtle Wax Wet 'N' Black Tyre Dressing has a blend of silicone polymers which achieve a longer lasting shine
  • £7.55

Turtle Wax Max Power Car Wash

Product code: 52753
Unique M.A.X Power shampoo formula allows users to tackle any bodywork cleaning task using three different levels of cleaning power - Moderate, Aggressive and Xtreme
  • RRP £17.99
  • £14.99

TURTLE WAX Headlight Restorer Kit

Product code: 51768
All-in-one kit restores yellowing and discoloured headlights to factory conditions, ensuring optimum safe driving and MOT compliance
  • £18.54

TURTLE WAX Soft Top and Cabrio System Kit

Product code: 51772
Cleans and restores fabric soft tops to like new condition, replaces lost water repellence and removes mould stains
  • £19.12

TURTLE WAX Black In A Flash Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: 51777
A colourless trim polish and protectant that instantly restores trim to original colour
  • £6.20

TURTLE WAX Bug and Tar Remover - 500ml

Product code: 51778
A fast and effective formula to remove bugs, tar and tree sap from metal, glass, vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • £7.37

TURTLE WAX Carnauba Car Wax - 500ml

Product code: 51780
Carnauba Wax offers an enhanced finish, and long lasting results, combining the best in nature, with the latest technology
  • £8.54

TURTLE WAX Fresh Shine Interior Restorer Citrus - 500ml

Product code: 51786
Instantly cleans and restores interior trim to showroom condition
  • £6.83

TURTLE WAX Fresh Shine Interior Restorer Strawberry - 500ml

Product code: 51789A
Instantly cleans and restores interior trim to showroom condition
  • £6.83

TURTLE WAX Interior 1 Uphosltery Cleaner - 400ml

Product code: 51791A
Cleans and protects interior fabric, velour, plastic and vinyl, including seating, door trim and dashboards
  • £6.72

TURTLE WAX Luxe Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - 500ml

Product code: 51793A
Cleaner and conditioner in one
  • £8.40