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Turtle Wax

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Turtle Wax Color Magic Plus Polish

Product code: FG6900
Turtle Wax Color Magic Plus is a coloured liquid polish wax, which is available in 8 colours to match the paintwork of most vehicles. Its advanced protective formula masks minor scratches and swirls whilst enriching the vehicle's colour
  • £9.59

Turtle Wax Colour Magic Scratch Remover

Product code: TWSC
Quick and easy to remove minor scratch marks, the Turtle Wax Colour Magic Plus helps give long lasting protection and an outstanding shine.
  • £6.95

Turtle Wax Dry Touch Plastic Care

Product code: fg7622
The Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Cockpit Shine is ideal for cleaning vinyl, plastic and rubber.
  • £5.26

Turtle Wax Essential Shampoo Orange Burst

Product code: fg7425
Removes dirt and grime without streaking.
  • £8.65

Turtle Wax Essential Zip Wax (Wash & Wax)

The Turtle Wax Essential Zip Wax Super Concentrate Wash & Wax is an easy to use car cleaner. Simply add a capful into a bucket of warm water and wash your car as normal. With added wax, it provides a shine as it washes, leaving a brilliant streak-free fi

Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Dash Cleaner

The Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Cockpit Shine is ideal for cleaning vinyl, plastic and rubber, restoring your car interior to a lustrous finish. It repels dust and dirt and gives a long lasting matt lustre to dashboards, door trim and roof linings.

Turtle Wax Green Line All Wheel Cleaner

Product code: FG7613
This brilliant stuff removes brake dust, oil and road grime quickly and effectively for bright, sparkling wheels.
  • £7.96

Turtle Wax Green Line Black In A Flash

Product code: FG7615
The Turtle Wax Black In a Flash Gloss can be used on all types of vinyl, plastic and rubber, it is a colourless trim polish & protects against the effects of weathering and UV rays.
  • £4.45

Turtle Wax Green Line Bug And Tar Remover

The Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover is designed to quickly & effectively remove bugs, tar, tree sap & grime from your car whilst restoring a deep gloss shine

Turtle Wax Green Line Carnauba Wax

Product code: g7618
The Turtle Wax Carnuaba Car Wax 500ml does good and looks good! This wonderful stuff protects your car and brings it out in a lovely shine.
  • £7.99

Turtle Wax Green Line Clearvue Glass Cleaner

Product code: fg7619
The Turtle Wax ClearVue Glass Clean 500ml is a high strength formula designed for interior and exterior cleaning
  • £6.76

Turtle Wax Green Line Dash And Glass

Product code: fg7621
Turtlewax Dash & Glass 500ml is a specially designed formula that allows you to spray both the inside of your windscreen and your dash simultaneously
  • £6.85

Turtle Wax Interior 1

Product code: fg7629
The Turtle Wax Interior 1 is designed to be used on all the upholstery and carpets in your car. It is perfect for emergency stain removal and has an added 'odour out', which destroys odours on contact
  • £5.26

Turtle Wax It Wet

Product code: fg7638
The Turtle Wax Wax it Wet Spray is the quickest and easiest way to shine and protect all types of paint.
  • £7.25

Turtle Wax Liquid Shine

The Turtle Wax Liquid Shine is suitable for metallic & pearlised paint finishes

Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

The Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is designed to gently clean, restore & protect all leather trim, removing dirt and stains.