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Granville Oils

MotorNuts are proud to stock a superb range of oils from Granville.

With over forty years experience Granville’s vehicle specific lubricants all meet the latest technical specifications and are all manufactured and distributed from their ISO 9001 accredited facility located in Yorkshire.

Their philosophy combines tried and tested products with a commitment to developing new innovative products.

For more information check out our product profile blog on Granville's new generation oils.
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Granville 4 Stroke Lawnmower Oil

Product code: 3850
For 4 stroke garden & horticultural machinery
  • £6.76

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF 1375.4 (1 Litre)

Product code: 1554
Fully synthetic,­Excellent heat control,Smooth gear changing, no judder or lag
  • £12.30

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF Dexron VI

Product code: 1569
Low viscosity formulation, Fully synthetic,­Excellent heat & wear control.
  • £10.99

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF LG6 (1 Litre)

Product code: 1595
Quality, fully synthetic formulation,­Offers excellent protection against heat build up and component wear

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF MV

Fully synthetic, Outstanding wear protection,­Multi-vehicle applications

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron II

Product code: 0041
High performance, Excellent protection
  • £5.99

Granville Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III

Product code: 0224
Semi synthetic, Extended service life, Excellent protection & stability
  • £6.98

Granville Brake Cleaner

Product code: 0654
Removes dust from all parts of modern braking system ,Improves the friction of worn brake and clutch lining material, Evaporates completely leaving no residue
  • £4.00

Granville Brake Fluid Dot 4

Product code: 1804
For modern vehicles with ABS fitted, Synthetic formulation
  • £4.25

Granville Brake Fluid Dot 4 ESP

Product code: 1810
Outstanding performance, Suitable for ESP systems
  • £8.99

Granville Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

Product code: 1816
For modern vehicles with ABS fitted,­Synthetic formulation, Non silicone formulation
  • £10.45

Granville Carb Cleaner

Product code: 0653
Strong solvents dissolve and flush dirt away fast ,Powerful jet supports an aggressive washing action ,Cleans carburettor and air intake components without dismantling
  • £4.25

Granville Chainsaw Oil

Product code: 1031
Anti-fling formulation,­Extends working life of the blade
  • £7.00

Granville CHF - Central Hydraulic Fluid

Product code: 2594
Synthetic formulation,­Outstanding protection & wear capabilities
  • £9.25

Granville Continuously Variable Transmission CVT Fluid

Product code: 1565
Excellent anti-shudder durability , Excellent anti-foam charac­te­ristics, Suitable for use with belt or chain driven systems
  • £10.99

Granville Copper Grease

Product code: 0149
Extremely long lasting,Assists in assembly and dismantling, Non melting, Excellent corrosion inhibitor
  • £7.00