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Brake Parts

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We are the Nuts when it comes to car parts and have all the brake parts you could need.

From brake drums to wheel cylinders through to full brake fitting kits we’ve got it covered to make sure your brakes are up to spec for stopping. 

Brakes have come a long way to being the super safe systems we see in our cars today, when you identify a problem with your brakes the logic and solutions are easy to diagnose but it isn’t always a quick straightforward fix so if you have any doubts ask an expert or take it to a garage.

Typical signs that there is a problem with your brakes the cause and diagnosis:

  • If your car pulls to one side when braking that could indicate a brake calliper problems, seized up brake pad sliders or uneven brake disc wear
  •  If there is a grinding noise when braking it suggests brake pad or brake shoes need replacing
  • If it starts to feel spongy when you put your foot on the pedal could be brake pads, brake hoses, brake fluid replacement or the brake system needs bleeding
  • If your parking or handbrake starts to pull up too far then it is likely you need a new handbrake cable
  • If your ABS warning light comes on your dash board then it usually means your ABS sensors are faulty or need replacing, which would usually require the use of diagnostics.
  • If your brake fluid needs topping up regularly then this would indicate a problem so check the brake hoses, wheel cylinders and brake callipers for leaks