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GUNSON Auto Fuse & Tester Kit - 13 Piece

Product code: 77103
Dual purpose tool for removing and checking fuses
  • £13.08

GUNSON Automotive Fuse Tester - 4 In 1

Product code: 77121
4 in one automotive fuse tester and remover
  • £16.56

GUNSON Battery Tester - Dial Type

Product code: 77104
A simple but effective tool that will identify the state of the battery whether hot or cold
  • £8.53

GUNSON Battery Tester - Heavy Duty Plated Clamps

Product code: G4184
This battery power tester is suitable for all 12V lead/acid batteries and alternators
  • £78.04

GUNSON Multi Tester Leads

Product code: 77011
High quality replacement multi-meter test lead kit for most multi-meters
  • £14.27

LASER Adjustable Spark Tester

Product code: 5655A
Tests the quality of the coil according to spark colour and distance
  • £28.28

LASER Auto Circuit Tester - 3 to 48v

Product code: 6886
Safe working Range 4-48 VDC
  • £20.69

LASER Automotive Relay Tester

Product code: 5562D
Coil test voltage 9V
  • £84.25

LASER Battery Tester With Printer

Product code: 5275C
Battery tester, charging system test, start system test, max load test
  • £528.30

LASER Battery/­Alternator Tester

Product code: 2274
12V DC battery and alternator tester
  • £18.47

LASER Circuit Tester - Brass 6V - 24V

Product code: 0280B
Brass finished circuit tester
  • £10.80

LASER Circuit Tester - Digital Display

Product code: 6115
Digital display circuit tester for 6, 12, 24 volt DC systems
  • £51.88

LASER Circuit Tester - Heavy Duty 6V - 24V

Product code: 2074A
Heavy duty circuit tester 6V/12V/24V with 15m cable
  • £18.62

LASER Circuit Tester For General & Hybrid Cars

Product code: 4911
This new circuit tester has been designed to include the usage on 42V used on Hybrid cars Automatic voltage identification
  • £23.71

LASER Circuit Tester Plus Buzzer - 6V/12V/24V

Product code: 2674
Circuit tester with audible warning buzzer For automotive use only - 6V/12V/24V
  • £22.79

LASER Digital Multi-Function Tester

Product code: 6378A
Three in One Multi-function Tester powered by Micro Processor
  • £35.78