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The majority of specialist paints are covered by the Autotek range including primers, satin, matt and gloss top coats, very high temperature paint, wheel paint, lacquer and bumper/trim paints.  

Autotek is compliant with the ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ (VOC) regulation (2004/42IIB9e), which sets limits on the maximum VOC content of coatings.


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AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Gloss Dark Green - 400ml

Product code: ATOODGN400
Excellent covering power
  • £6.78

AUTOTEK Engine Enamel - Red - 500ml

Product code: ATOOEER500
Designed to enhance the appearance of automotive engines and to provide protection against corrosion
  • £7.61

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Fluorescent Green - 500ml

Product code: ATOOFLG500
Greatly improved visibility under poorly illuminated locations
  • £7.15

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Fluorescent Orange - 500ml

Product code: ATOOFLO500
Greatly improved visibility under poorly illuminated locations
  • £7.15

AUTOTEK Wheel Paint - Gloss Black - 500ml

Product code: ATOOGBW500
Bright Semi Gloss finishes
  • £6.07

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Gloss Navy Blue - 400ml

Product code: ATOONBL400
Excellent covering power
  • £7.61

AUTOTEK Aerosol Caliper Paint - Blue - 500ml

Product code: ATOOOBC500
Designed primarily for the customisation of brake callipers and brake drums
  • £7.78

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Blue RAL 5012 - 400ml

Product code: ATOOOBR400
Excellent covering power
  • £7.34

AUTOTEK Guide Coat - 500ml

Product code: ATOOOGC500
Helps to achieve a professional quality flat finish
  • £5.35

AUTOTEK Lacquer - Matt - 500ml

Product code: ATOOOML500
Leaves an clear finish that also cares for the vehicle base coat
  • £5.64

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Matt White - 500ml

Product code: ATOOOMW500
Modern acrylic formulation
  • £5.35

AUTOTEK Panel Prep Degreaser - 500ml

Product code: ATOOPPD500
A fast acting solvent blend designed for degreasing metal and paintwork prior to coating
  • £5.64

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Gloss Silver - 400ml

Product code: ATOOSIL400
Excellent covering power
  • £6.78

AUTOTEK Truck Bed Liner - 500ml

Product code: ATOOTBB500
Protection against load damage
  • £9.05

AUTOTEK Aerosol Paint - Gloss Tool Box Red - 400ml

Product code: ATOOTBR400
Excellent covering power
  • £6.78

AUTOTEK Tyre Wall Black 250ml

Product code: ATOOTWB250
Restores new look finish
  • £6.94