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5 Essential Tips for Driving with Dogs!

Dogs are great at running and can keep up a good speed for a surprising amount of distance. Sometimes though, Pooch has to ride in the back of your vehicle to get to where he’s going and, while it is a treat for many, it is a trauma for others. Here are some handy tips to remember for next time you take a ride with Rover…
  1. Though the classic image is of a dog sat proudly on the front seat with his nose out of the window, this isn’t really a safe thing to do. Seatbelts are clearly not designed to protect a dog’s anatomy and all those petrol fumes coming directly from the truck in front aren’t too healthy either. A dog should ride in the hatchback of a car if it has one, protected by a dog guard; here at Motornuts we have a great selection of these essential components.

  2. Your dog should be secured with a harness designed for the purpose.

  3. Start off slowly with a few small trips to get your pet used to the idea of being in a moving vehicle. Make sure these trips end up somewhere the dog knows and likes.

  4. It can be tempting to calm a fearful dog with treats but eating just before being in a car can often lead to the animal being sick.

  5. Remember to never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. It is well known that hot days can cause the vehicle’s interior to become hot enough to kill a dog but the same is true of cold weather when the car acts the same as a fridge freezer. Also, there is never any telling of who might come along and attempt to steal your car; make sure you have the latest protection such as the Disklok, currently available with a 10% price discount from Motornuts

    So next time you your pet hit the road, make sure everything goes well by following these five simple tips. We would love to know about your experiences with transporting pets; perhaps you have driven a donkey or rode with a rhino?! Get in touch with us here at Motornuts and you could feature in your very own news article. Check out our dog guards.

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